Vincentians serve people who live on the margins. Our approach is comprehensive. We honor the dignity of every person no matter their circumstance. We believe every person is attracted to the transcendent, to the spiritual life. And so we promote holiness while also attending to the other dimensions of being a child of God: health, education, and employment. In short, we promote integral human development.

St. Vincent dePaul founded the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) in 1625. He realized that, essential to the Catholic Church’s mission is having holy, well-educated priests as local leaders. We continue this legacy, in part, by staffing seminaries to prepare local men for service to brothers and sisters, especially those on the margins. This is what the Build the Church programs do: build and enlarge seminaries, staff them with high-quality faculty members, and provide the programmatic and practical support of seminarians.

At any given time, we have several seminarians under construction or in the process of expanding. We always have seminarians who eat three meals a day and who need prayer books and textbooks and sometimes shoes.

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