Thank you for wanting to support the Vincentians and partner with us.  Please tell us which of our ministries you want your gift to benefit.

The Gondi Fund, named for Philippe-Emmanuel and Marguerite (Silly) deGondi  who provided St. Vincent with seed money to establish the Congregation of the Mission, this Fund distributes money to educate, prepare, and sustain Vincentian priests and brothers by building and expanding seminaries and supporting continuing education and formation programs so that the people Vincentians serve will receive the very best we have to offer.

2019-2020 Goal:  $6 million

The Folleville Fund, named for the place where Vincent first realized the need for a new form of ministry to the people and where Madame de Gondi asked the Vincentian question, “What must be done?” This Fund provides Vincentian priests and brothers with the means to minister including spaces for ministry and mission activities (churches, classrooms, workshops, training centers) as well as necessary equipment, furniture, and training materials.

2019-2020 Goal: $3 million

The Sainte Lazare Fund, named for the original Vincentian motherhouse in Paris, provides funds for innovative programs that substantially increase life and work skills through employment.  These funds may be used to establish loan programs, micro-enterprises, and other kinds of sustainable businesses that improve the lives of owners, employees, and customers.

2019-2020 Goal:  $2 million

As you consider the gift you want to give, please know we recognize all gifts and you have the opportunity to give anonymously.  Our Giving Society, of which every donor-partner is a member, has the following levels based on cumulative giving

  • Collaborators: contribute up to $1,000
  • Benefactors: contribute between $1,001 and $5,000 
  • Partners: contribute between $5,001 and $10,000
  • Champions: contribute $10,001 or more

Once donor-partners give $100,000 they are welcomed as permanent members of the Superior General’s Circle.  



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