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The new school year is fast approaching. Kenya Woodworking depends on the kindness of others to ensure their workshop and classroom is filled with the tools and supplies needed to teach these young men of the carpentry trade.
Your donation will help provide the students everything from glue, sandpaper and hammers to power tools and a professional panel saw so that they gain experience working on the kind of equipment they will find when they are on the job-site.

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Want to help families climb out of poverty? Want to help healing? Want to help children grow and learn? Give a goat!

Let’s keep it simple. If you’ll give $25, we’ll give a neighborhood a goat. Please. It will make a world of difference.

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Vincentian School for the Deaf

Vincentian School for the Deaf

It has been a while. I hope this finds you well. Things here are VIMS are, well, a little hectic. Let me catch you up. Since I last wrote I went to Rome for a big meeting of Vincentians and came home with Covid. I recovered and immediately moved to a parish where I am...

Vincentian International Mission Services (VIMS) helps fuel the growth and development of the Congregation of the Mission especially in countries where resources are few and progress is difficult. We also raise funds for special projects of the Superior General so that the mission of St. Vincent dePaul thrives in the 21st century.

Vincentians are agents of change. In his day, St. Vincent inspired clergy and lay people, royalty and peasants to serve those neglected by society. We continue his ministry today. Join us in making the world holier, kinder, more productive, in short, more the way God wants it.

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