Internet for the Marillac School

Imagine a world where access to information is severely limited.  That’s how it is for our children at Marillac School in Madagascar. No Internet access means limited learning, limited exploration, in short, limited education. We’re on a mission to change that. 

By providing internet access in this school, we’re not just connecting computers, we’re connecting young, inquisitive minds to more information than a room filled with encyclopedias could provide. Internet access shrinks distances, connects communities, expands a teacher’s capacities and opens countless doors to learning. 

With your support, we can give these children something most of us likely take for granted, immediate access to information. Want to learn how far it is to the moon, how large the landmass of Alaska is, or how airplanes take off and land? The internet is there with answers. 

Together, let’s give these children in our school that access! the key to unlock a future filled with knowledge, creativity, and connection. 

Please join our efforts to bring the internet to Marillac School. Your gift will help shape the educational futures of the more than 1,010 children now enrolled and many more in future years. 

Imagine that–a gift that keeps giving day after day, year after year! 

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