Lessons from our mothers.

Mothers Day 2023

Fr. Mark Pranaitis, Founder of VIMS – Most of you reading this know who I am: Fr. Mark Pranaitis, the founder and executive director of VIMS. Chances are you never met my mother, Florence LeDonne Pranaitis. She went to heaven in 1985. I wasn’t yet 30 and she wasn’t yet 60. Long before we said our goodbyes, she taught me an important lesson, “The baby needs a schedule.” She was a genius when it came to working with new moms and babies. She intuitively knew what they needed and how they best would learn it. Amazing! While I don’t have children I found this lesson helpful when dealing with anyone who was new…anywhere. Everyone needs to know the schedule (church, work, school, wherever). New coworkers need to know how we do things here. Dinner guests need to know to come hungry because my mother taught me how to cook really well too! Thanks, Mom!


Lindsey Adams, Marketing Manager – Hi There. You may not recognize me, but I have been the woman behind the curtain of VIMS’ online presence for almost three years now! I am also the oldest of 7 children – yes, 7 – all raised by the most patient & faithful woman in the world, Margaret Maria Miller. When I found out I had to narrow down a single lesson my mother passed down, I laughed because that is an impossible task. She passed down way too many life lessons to count. Now that I am a mother, I can vouch for this: you will never fully understand how much your mama did for you until you are in the trenches yourself! But…if I must choose the most valuable lesson, it would be her perseverance. Raising 7 children is not easy. Still, she gave us her undivided attention and love, as if we were each her only child. She has the patience and strength of a saint on earth. Even on hard days, she is the strongest and most incredible example of what a mother should be. And for that I am eternally grateful. I pray every day that I can be the type of mother she is to me. Lastly, I would be remiss to say that I am incredibly grateful for the fact that she has taught me how to cook like the Louisiana Cajun Queen she is. What’s better than learning perseverance, patience and how to cook good southern food?! Thank you mom, I love you!



Bill Ebbesmeyer, Business Manager – Let me introduce myself, I am Bill Ebbesmeyer, the newest member of the VIMS administrative team and serving as Business Manager. I am also the only son of Mary Therese Hendel Ebbesmeyer, which makes me her FAVORITE son. My mom shared many lessons, stories, and love with me. One humorous lesson when I was very young was that moms always catch you if you try running away before being punished. My mother volunteered in our city and created a summer park program for the youth of the city. She organized the crafts classes, sporting activities and a show at the end of the summer. This program grew to include a Christmas pageant and Easter Egg hunt. My mom shared with me her love of music. I used my love for music professionally for 20 years as a singer/dancer. Both in the past and present I use my gift and love for music in my worship and praise.I write music and share this gift, that was nurtured by my mom at church on Sunday evenings. She still inspires me to sing and play. I am forever grateful that she is still with me at 93 years of age. Thank you, Mom, for letting me become the man I am today and believing in me.

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