Where would you like your donation to go?

  1. Funding Assistance for Burundi Church

  2. Scrambled or Over Easy?

  3. Giving Tuesday 2022 – Feeding the Hungry

    Vincentians serve in some of the poorest places on earth. Food is basic. Vincentians do everything they can to make sure our brothers and sisters get enough. Will you help? We need to fill the pantries and put food on the tables of hungry people. Join me in filling the pantries of our parish churches and schools and our social service centers. Let’s pitch-in to make sure there is enough. If you are able, please be generous.

  4. Collège Saint Joseph Antoura

  5. Jim Donlevy’s Flooring Project

    Jim needs to replace a large part of the concrete floor in the workshop. It is going to cost about $4,500 to remove the current (unsafe, fracturing) floor and pour a new one. How about it? Shall we dig deep and make this happen?

  6. Vincentian School for the Deaf

  7. Give A Goat Campaign

    Goats make a world of difference. You can make a world of difference. Click here to donate now. Please.

  8. Give a Family a Goat for Mother’s Day

    For this Mother’s Day, help a mother in need by giving the gift of a goat. With a goat, mothers can provide milk for their family. Eventually the goat can have babies, which they can then sell for income. Help a mother invest in her future and the future of her children by donating a goat.

  9. Support Ukraine

  10. Remember Hotel Rwanda?

    16,000 Burundians have fled to the United Nations refugee camp in far eastern Rwanda to escape threats made by the current leading party. Vincentians have been asked to serve them. Will you help them get started?

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