Where would you like your donation to go?

  1. Give a Family a Goat

  2. Shoes & Socks

    On our 404th anniversary, we are requesting a small gift of $4.04. All donations will go toward sending new shoes & socks to those in need.
  3. Giving Tuesday: Help Us Put Food On Their Table

  4. Friends of Vicky

  5. Hurricane Eta Relief

    Vincentians have been serving in Honduras since 1910. We are on the scene. This is our home. The people who are suffering the effects of Hurricane Eta are our neighbors, parishioners, and friends. We were here before the hurricane hit and we will continue to serve here for many, many more years. Please help.
  6. Building the Community

    Social Services, Health Services, Job Training, Social Enterprises
  7. Building the Parish

    Education programs, Ministry training, Building Churches and Schools
  8. Building the Church

    Vincentian Seminarians and Seminaries
  9. When Did We See You? Covid-19 Relief

    COVID-19 Relief
  10. Msgr. Cabezas Appeal for Rwanda-Burundi

    This is an annual campaign to support Vincentian priests and brothers in Rwanda-Burundi.

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