We’re thrilled you are here. Are you already familiar with our mission? Are you a Vincentian? Are you simply curious about how we are helping people living in poverty to find a faith-filled way forward? It doesn’t matter. We are very glad you are here. And, this newsletter is for you.

For those unfamiliar – VIMS is an expansion of the ministry of St. Vincent de Paul. VIMS helps Vincentians in developing countries serve others – in schools, parishes and clinics, through high quality programming, job training, faith formation, and more. That is what VIMS helps make possible through strategic fundraising. Our goal is to provide funding for new projects in Vincentian missions in developing countries around the world.

Now, more than ever, we need your help to spread the compassion and kindness St. Vincent and St. Louise modeled. Want to learn more about how we do this? In our monthly newsletter we will share ways we all can grow in holiness, become more involved in the mission of VIMS, and learn about current projects.

We hope you will enjoy growing with us and making the world a better place – a safer, holier, better educated, and more loving place. That is why we are here and we are glad you are with us!

As Executive Director of VIMS, I am humbled and inspired by the way Vincentian priests and brothers serve in really challenging settings. I love telling their stories. Every day my brothers get up and go out to serve people who are forgotten by others. I want to make sure they have what they need. Will you join me in this marvelous mission? I hope so.

God Bless,
Fr. Mark Pranaitis, C.M.

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