Over the last 5 months, Vincentian priests, brothers, and their collaborators in the poorest provinces of the Congregation used financial resources provided by VIMS donors and the Curia (headquarters) of the Congregation to respond to the crises caused by COVID-19. In all, we sent about $300,000. These funds were used to secure and distribute:

  • Food (for people with homes)
  • Meals (for people without homes)
  • Masks and hand sanitizer
  • Study kits for elementary school children
  • Rent payments/help with temporary housing/utility payments

In all, 45,918 people – both adults and children – got what they needed because Vincentians saw them, knew them, loved them. (See Matthew 25: 31-46)

Thank you for helping make this possible. And, so that you know, the service continues! Vincentians get up every day and make sure that people living in poverty, our brothers and sisters, are loved, encouraged, served, supported, and most importantly, seen as the children of God they are.

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