It has been a while. I hope this finds you well. Things here are VIMS are, well, a little hectic. Let me catch you up.

Since I last wrote I went to Rome for a big meeting of Vincentians and came home with Covid. I recovered and immediately moved to a parish where I am filling-in for another Vincentian who is on a study-leave. I’m doing my VIMS work in my spare time—of which there isn’t much!

A few months ago, Lindsey and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby girl. There were visits from relatives and what-all else going on. We had planned for this to be a quiet time at VIMS. And then her husband got a job that would require a move from Georgia to North Carolina. So much for a quiet time, eh?
In the midst of all this we wondered when the right time would be to tell you about this cool school the Vincentians in Ethiopia run. But, there’s lot going on and we all are swimming in this inflation and so it just didn’t seem right to be asking you to be generous.

St. Vincent dePaul wrote, “We are living at a time when one must not incur useless expense. Public distress surrounds us on all sides. It is feared if may overtake us; and, even should we be spared, compassion should urge us to do all we can for those who suffer.” So, I am calling on your compassion.

From a survey we did of our readers (before our worlds got a little hectic), we learned that you are very interested in programs that serve children living in poverty, those with severe obstacles to growth and development and that education is a priority. Well, have we got a program for you!

Vincentian School for the Deaf in Ambo, Ethiopia is an amazing place. It welcomes young deaf children into a school where they learn with hearing children in the same classroom. Imagine what the future holds for these children who normally are shunned by society and hidden away by their families.

The school is up-and-running and it needs our help to expand to meet the demand. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more details about the school and the critical need for its services.

Let me leave you with this little fact about the scope of the need. Of the 300,000 children in Ethiopia who are deaf or have severe hearing impairment, only 2,300 receive an education. Vincentians are doing something about this. Will you help? Please.

Click here to help us jumpstart our donation.

Thank you. May God bless you for your kindness.
Fr. Mark

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