A statement from Matthew Carter, Group CEO of Depaul International, on the current situation in Ukraine:

As another week passes, we have seen the number of people fleeing their homes continuing to rise. Around 7.1 million people have been displaced internally, and 4.3 million have fled across international borders, bringing the total number of people displaced by the conflict to a staggering 11.4 million, according to The International Organization for Migration (IOM).

We continue our work, with our extraordinary team pulling together to reach those most in need.

Food baskets

To ensure the people we support receive a nutritionally balanced diet, we are reviewing the food included in our aid deliveries. Foods are grouped together into ‘food baskets’, which meet international humanitarian (Sphere) standards.

A typical food basket may include pasta, oil, tinned beans and meat, with vegetables that do not perish quickly, like potatoes, onions and cabbages.

The team will rotate the food baskets so there is variety in people’s diets. We are ensuring people have the opportunity to feedback on the food items and can also make requests. It is important to deliver food in a way which enables people to maintain their dignity.

Kharkiv women’s prison

Depaul Ukraine has a long history of supporting people serving prison sentences and ex-offenders living in the community. Prisoners face stigma and, without support, people leaving prison are often at risk of homelessness.

Before the war, we helped offenders recover lost documents and supported them to find accommodation on leaving prison. Our Kharkiv legal team are now able to continue part of that work providing online consultations for offenders.

Prisoners in Ukraine now have additional needs: like many other people in the country, they are suffering as a result of food shortages. Our Kharkiv colleagues and volunteers have been delivering much needed food aid to a women’s prison. This is an example of how our existing relationships and networks in Ukraine enable us to help the most vulnerable people, who would otherwise be forgotten.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported our work and and to all those who have continued to do so. We will be back in touch again soon.

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