Monthly VIMS Supporters

Becoming a Monthly Donor

When you become a monthly donor there are several benefits for you and VIMS.

Monthly donations are automatic.  Once you sign up you won’t have to worry about remembering to support VIMS. As the organization of your choice, VIMS will keep you posted on how your donation is benefiting those in need.

No matter the amount, your monthly donation can have a lasting impact. Consistent donations throughout the year can be more manageable for you the donor and make the same impact as a one-time large donation.

Your monthly gift ensures stability within VIMS and allows us to plan and budget effectively.

You become part of the fabric of VIMS. You play a direct role in maintaining our mission statement allowing us to continue the legacy of St. Vincent dePaul by fueling Vincentian missions in countries where needs are great, and resources are few.

Thank you for considering and becoming a monthly donor. Your generosity today and in the future will help in many ways for those most in need.

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